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Is Online Roulette Beatable?

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Over the last few years, online roulette has gained popularity as more players strive to enjoy the game from the comfort of home, just like slot machine online. The same rules apply to online live roulette like they do to other roulette games. The bets are placed depending on the number that the players believe the ball will land on after the wheel has been spun. The amount a player wins is determined by the odds of the bet he or she places and wins. The game’s dealer in the online live version is indeed a live person who can be seen on the computer through a video feed.

Can Online Roulette Be Beaten?

Rare and bizarre betting patterns make no difference to the game. The odds stay the same, and if you’re using the well-known Martingale strategy with a seemingly limitless bankroll, things can still go wrong. Progressive betting isn’t a roulette winning strategy.

The only way of winning at roulette is to be able to predict where the ball will land in order to boost your edge. It is possible to beat the game if you really can gain even a small edge using physics-based techniques while avoiding detection by pit bosses and casino owners.

RNGs are used to generate a number sequence in online roulette. There is no such thing as a ball or a wheel. The ball as well as wheel are just visual representations of a random number generator. Physics isn’t really relevant here.

There have also been efforts to beat online roulette, and there is information available claiming that it is possible. Because random number generators aren’t truly random, ‘bots’ have been created to monitor the sequence as well as predict the outcome. Due to the RNG’s multi-tiered number generation, this will fail spectacularly. The code is way too difficult to predict unless you already know the algorithm and seed, and if it can be cracked, developers would start adding another tier. The bots’ only other application is to automatically input betting systems, and this is just as likely to fail as manually entering your bets.

As a result, predicting the outcome of an online roulette wheel is impossible.